This is a post mostly for my­self, so that I can find these later: two tools that I find im­mensely help­ful at dif­fer­ent points, both from (Mary Robinette Kowal)[].

The first is a (helpful sys­tem for feed­back)[https://​twit­​mary­robi­nette/​sta­tus/​1124108884858347520?lang=en], some­times called the ABCD sys­tem. There’s so many things I like about this—how it helps the writer get the right mind­set for un­der­stand­ing the feed­back, how it helps the reader de­liver what’s help­ful.

The sec­ond is an (infographic/formula)[] for work­ing out how long a story will be. It’s slightly wacky to think about math­s­ing out a short story, but there’s good rea­son­ing be­hind it, and some­times it helps to know what you’re aim­ing for, and/​or what you’re get­ting your­self in for.